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The Wonderful Things You Will Be

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Character Analysis

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See What Awaits You Inside The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™

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That wonderful breakfast! - Picture of Harry's of Kinnegad

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    In the middle of all of this is an area where you can be put against a green screen and fly on a broom. It looks like you are actually flying. Check out the video…. Floating above the table is Charity Burbage in a trance.

    Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight (Official Live Video)

    Scary Scene!!! Next, we see the Ministry of Magic, inside the building with the green tiles. Here they had a cart set up that looked like it was going through the wall, the perfect photo opt. It looks like we are in the train station. We make our way to the back of the train. Here we see the scene of Ron and Harry when they are first on the train.

    This is after Harry orders the whole cart of candy in the first movie.

    Harry and Meghan Praise Baby Archie’s Travel Skills During a Tea Party in Cape Town | Vanity Fair

    Opposite of them is the adult golden trio and Ginny looking at them. I have to admit this brought a tear to my eye. Not sure why maybe because my kid was born the year the first movie came out. She has loved Harry Potter since I can remember. I think seeing the grown figures looking at the small figures reminded me she is almost grown. Next, we head outside to the double decker bus.

    In this area we see the house Harry grew up in. In the window is the shadow of Dobby. We enter the house and see the scene from the first movie where the letters are flying all around. We also see the life size chess pieces from the first movie. It addition, it has the self-driving car, another great photo opt. Then to the creatures of Harry Potter area. This area has the creatures from the different movies. It has the heads of the different goblins that work for the bank, Fawkes the Pheonix, the mermaids, the moving Monster Book of Monsters, Buckbeak, and the dragons.

    This area also has tons of animatronics from the films. The next area is awesome. This is so incredibly detailed; it has the greenhouses, mountains, the quidditch area, and stone paths. It is made where people can walk around the whole model and take it in from every angle. Then we go to the wand shop, where you can pick out and buy a wand. This is where the exit is at, we get a peak at the costumes from Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them. We exit at the gift shop, of course. By the time we finish it is dark and we have to make sure we do not miss the last bus back to the train station.

    This was a magical tour and well worth the visit.

    Prince Harry is ‘kind, generous compassionate’

    This is a fantastic time. This is so cool!! Actually liking Harry Potter is a relatively new thing for us as we never watched them when they first came out for some reason. But we have since and we love them now so next time we get over to London we will have to visit! And the flying broom stick video looks super cool.